Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome to Vintage Costumes

Why VintageCostumes? Its a mash-up of the things that are representative of my new endeavor on Etsy.

I will be selling vintage clothing finds, many of them from my former career as a ....wait for it...costume designer.

Clever, yes?

I will also do handmade items and reproductions of period garments, such as this one:
Navy full circle skirt dress 1950s style HANDMADE

1950s vintage full circle skirt dress


  1. Greetings from a fellow SBS'er - You can see my Saturday Blog Shopping post for the week at Jan's Eclectic-MIx Blog

    I see your blog is new, so welcome to the wacky world of blogging, and good luck with it :)

  2. Oh wow! A crafts person after my own heart! My little girls hand made dresses are styled with a retro-vintage classic design. Love that pic in your post! Is it authentic or copied? Great to have you aboard SBS! See ya next Saturday! Let's help spread the word!

  3. Thanks everyone while I get up to speed here.

    CHC: It is real. ;)